Recap Review, May 23 Edition

Quite a mixed bag here this week, but fun and interesting nonetheless!

Week In Review, May 23, 2009

  • We went down to the farm for our first stop at the Tiny Farm Blog, where we learned about sustainability and organic farming, and doing what you love!
  • Next stop was to Heather R’s kitchen and Chocolate Bytes where she’s cooking up and celebrating the best of tasty chocolate treats, and sharing a general love of the stuff!
  • The next day didn’t bring us a review per se, but it did bring us some news from the B5 Media network and their reorganization and refinement efforts.
  • Wanna bet?  Wanna celebrate your love of thoroughbreds?  See our next blog review, Jarrod Horak’s Thoroughbred Fever blog.
  • Back at home after the races, take some top tips from Karen Weideman at her Keeping the Castle blog–a blog dedicated to home and family functionality and fun.

That concludes our list of blog reviews for the week, but don’t miss last week’s, either!  Click over to last week’s Do You Digg It Recap Review.

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  1. koinonas Says:

    Not sure if this is the correct place to leave it. But would like to submit my own blog for a future review. Blog is located at

    This is a new project that I’ve started with two main goals. The first is to learn more about all this web-publishing stuff. The second is to share some practical hints and tips about how newbies and non techie people can get more out of their computers (even though I haven’t really done much web development, I come from a tech background myself). So the blogs contain a mix of traditional text as well as short instructional videos where appropriate.

    The blog is still evolving, so any feedback would be much appreciaed.

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    Hi – The link you left isn’t working for me – can you leave it again?

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