Recap Review, September 19 Edition

It’s an endless world of great blogs out there; let’s take a look back at the reviews of the past couple weeks.

Week In Review, September 19, 2009

  • Going back a bit, we have a great Pilates blog that will enhance your practice, or help introduce you to it.  The Pilates Goddess has all your answers!
  • Going Green?  Here is a blog that delivers all the best news, tips, and tricks for living a greener, cleaner existence.  The Daily Green is your daily dose of green-living news.
  • Food can be both healthy and fun–this blog is proof.  Enjoy better eating and better health at The Fun & Food Blog.
  • Maximize your health with this blog, a daily health news site that delivers everything you need in nicely arranged categories.  Go to the EMax Health Blog and be well!
  • If you are considering a career change to the field of Criminal Justice, or you want to continue your education in the field, this blog is an absolute must-see.  Criminal Justice Online covers the field and degree and education options, top to bottom.
  • Average Joe’s and Jane’s need understandable, realistic sites to help with their health and fitness goals.  Here’s your site–Trying Fitness.
  • Last is never least, especially with a blog like this.  For the love of yoga and the benefit of your practice, go to Yoga Flavored Life.

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