Recap Review, September 7 Edition

September already and away we go!  We’re kicking off the month with a mix of topics on some really great blogs.

Week In Review, September 7, 2009

  • Starting out the week we featured Bonnie’s Blog of Crime, where Bonnie Prisbey is taking the time to keep an eye on crime and those less fortunate victims of it.  Hers is not a blog that one would describe as entertainment, but is certainly one with an important purpose.
  • Looking for a blog that brings together all the health and nutrition information you see?  You’re looking for the AstroNutrition Blog, your one stop for collected, collaborative health information.
  • Shane Shirley-Smith is working hard to help us as consumers and citizens of the planet achieve the synergy between our various roles.  Environmental Health-Wellness-Beauty is working to make us the happiest, healthiest, most responsible consumers ever.
  • Unraveling all the diet and nutrition advice that is out there is a tough job, and one that registered dietitian Melanie Thomassian is more than happy to do.  Learn from a pro in the know and get solid, factual nutrition advice at Dietriffic.

That wraps the first week of reviews for September, but you can go back in time and check out the last of August in last week’s Recap Review.  And do come back for a full schedule of great blog reviews next week!

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