Recap Reviews, February 22 Edition

It’s been a fast week here at Do You Digg It, but then, vacation weeks always are, aren’t they?  Nevertheless, let’s take a look at what’s been going on at Do You Digg It this week.

Week In Review, February 22

This week has been all about two main focuses–travel and vacation, and a very important cause, the Victorian Bushfire initiatives.

  • The week started out with a vacation focus and our first-ever Do You Digg It Vacation Round-Up.  Here we collected some of our best blog review resources to help you on your leisure and travel-planning way.
  • After that we took a break to revisit some very important issues, the Apeal and assitance for the victims of the Victoria bushfires.  There is still time to donate and much to be done as people move towards recovery and rebuilding.  Read what you can do here; there is Still Time to Help.
  • Turning back to happier thoughts, we revistied some of our favorite personal interest and photoblogs for travel destination exposure and advice.  Decide your next destination for excellent Travel Locations with the resources right here at Do You Digg It.

Do remember, these Recap Reviews are a weekly event.  If you missed any of the posts and goings-on around here (perhaps you were off on vacation?) check out last week’s Recap Review, February 15 Edition.

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