Recap Reviews, January 24 Edition

Amazingly, another week is done.  Less surprisingly is that we’ve found some more great blogs out there over a range of topics and interests.  Let’s have a look at our most recent additions to Do You Digg It blog reviews.

Week In Review, January 24, 2009

  • We began the week with vacation on the mind.  The Uptake Vacations blog proved to be an excellent resource for all things vacation.  Along with its companion travel-related blogs, this site covers all the basics of travel, vacationing, recreation, and lodging.
  • Staying with our theme of travel, we took a look at the Ecotravel News blog.  This blog presents all the best news from the world of ecotravel, helping us all become cleaner, greener, world adventurers and businessmen and women on the move.
  • Personal financial management being top on the minds of all people these days, Thursday’s review took us to, home of noted (free) personal financial tools and a blog full of excellent finance and money advice.
  • Our final review of the week paved the way to a whole new look at health.  Healthbolt is a health-news and resource blog that isn’t afraid of any topic.  It’s not your Mama’s health blog, but it’s one to wake up to!

That sums up our week here at Digg.  We hit many of the top concerns and interests to bloggers and readers today, and we’ll continue to do so in the coming week.  Come back and join us for a whole new week of blogs and reviews–you never know where we’ll show up next! (Do remember, however, if you have a suggestion–tell us where to go!  Leave a comment to tell us where the good blogs are, or request a review of your own work.)

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